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Get maximum return from your solar panels!


It's best to have your solar panels cleaned once a year, if you really want to get the maximum return from your installation,

even up to 4 times a year.


Bulens Cleaning always uses osmosis water for cleaning solar panels. This water is free from algae and lime, so there is no chance of limescale or greenery forming afterwards.


We use our telewash as much as possible so that we do not have to enter your roof or gutters.

Shiny windows?


Do you also like shiny, clean windows?

we are specialized in cleaning windows, verandas, facades, roofs and driveways.

This is for both companies and individuals.


For this we use different systems adapted to your wishes or concerns.


We wash your windows with eco soap and water as well as with osmosis water,

this both inside and outside


Driveways, roofs, gutters and facades are cleaned with soft wash or high pressure and treated as desired.

Always clean windows, no streaks!

Silke Arens

Every year we notice the difference when the solar panels have been cleaned, the energy production of our panels increases significantly each time

Christa Steppe


Softwash is the use of biodegradable chemicals that remove dirt, dust and immediately cleans insect nests and cobwebs.
It also immediately kills all algae, bacteria, fungi, (lichen) moss and mildew.


The result is a disinfected and thoroughly cleaned surface.


Softwash only uses a third of the water compared to high pressure washing.


The result remains visible four to six times longer.


High-pressure cleaning is often the visual removal of the dirt. However, the cause of the dirt often remains deep in the pores.
High-pressure cleaning is also compared to shaving the pollution.

Our chemicals really do more than just clean;

they penetrate deep into the material, disinfect the surface and also remove the roots of the organism.

pressure-washing-before-and-after (2)
pressure-washing-before-and-after (3)

What is osmosis water?



Osmosis water is created by filtering pure water under high pressure through an ultra-fine membrane.

This removes all impurities such as ammonium, salts, nickel, chlorine, lime, zinc, manganese....

Want to buy osmosis water?


Do you need osmosis water yourself?

With us you can always refuel osmosis water per 100L and at the daily price.


We always have osmosis water in stock, even in winter